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Terms & Conditions for 50 Days Cyclothon Virtual Event

CRITERIA for MEN[individual], WOMEN [individual], TEAM REGISTRATION

  1. You agree to use “1ly Fitness app by 100 days fitness india” for the purpose of tracking distance and posting pictures. We will not accept data from any other third party application for the use of tracking and posting.
  2. You will be allowed only two rides per day. And you agree to post your ride in “1ly fitness app by 100 days fitness india “ with the route map ,two selfies for each ride.suppose if you posted your ride without route map and two selfies your ride will not be calculated in total distance evaluation of your profile
  3. Registered users should opt only for the 50 days cyclothon ride option in our “1ly Fitness” app when they start their ride.
  4. Registered users have to select the KM they are going to ride before the start of your ride. The KM will be available in the DROP DOWN BOX for selection. If the Km is not selected prior to the ride then the entire ride will not be taken into consideration for the evaluation of your distance.
  5. During your Ride for 50 days cyclothon event You agree to click and upload to selfies only when the alarm rings. The alarm will ring twice at 2 different times slots for each ride depending upon your distance. So in order to hear the alarm you have to place your mobile phone in the mobile carry bag at the front handle bar or in between your leg frames.
  6. The mobile phone should be placed only in the front handlebar or in between your leg frames in order to notice the alarm sound. Organisers are not responsible if the mobile battery is discharged dead or damaged. It is the user‘s responsibility to ensure that the mobile phones are placed in the perfect location where they hear the alarm sound.For that purpose only we are recommending to place it near the handlebar or between the cycle frame.
  7. The registered users must complete the distance they have entered before starting their ride which was selected from the drop down box. suppose if the users cancel it in between of their ride means The 1st selfie which were taken, to that distance only we will calculate.Suppose if the Participant has taken the first selfie and And after the first selfie He has cover only certain distance before the second selfie or after the second selfie he has cancelled the ride means till the first selfie distance only we will calculate. If the user cancels the ride before the 1st selfie means the entire distance in the current ride will not be considered for the total distance evaluation. The only option for the participant is to Finish the Distance they have selected before starting their ride.
  8. If two or more participants had ridden the same distance in 50 days cyclothon event means the riding time will be calculated for that participants & from the time list, the top performer will get their corresponding cash prize and the other person with the same distance will get the next level corresponding cash prize.
  9. Registered Users should login in our app only with the mobile number and email ID They have used for registering a 50 days cyclothon event. Other than the registered mobile number and email ID will not enable you to use the 50 day cyclothon option in our app.
  10. Before the start of the event a detailed instruction link with the video tutorial will be provided to each registered user on how The “1ly Fitness” app will function.
  11. The App link for both ANDROID & iOS & Event starting date will be sended to your registered mobile number & your email id after the participant completed their payment process.
  12. For getting the cash prize every participant must complete a minimum distance of 1000 kms for men & 750 kms for women in these 50 days cyclothon event. Then only you’re considered for the eligibility list and from that eligibility list of participants the top 10 performers will get cash prize separately for both men and women category.
  13. If you’re not completing the minimum distance then you will not be eligible for getting the cash prizes.
  14. Minimum 30 Rides should be ridden by every participant During these 50days & maximum 100 rides are allowed to all participants . If the participant RODE LESS THAN 30 RIDE means he is not eligible for getting the cash prize.
  15. Every team should contain 5 members whether it can be men(5members) or women(5 members) or men & women (5 members). Less than 5 members or more than 5 members that will not be considered in team category
  16. THE PERSONS WHO ARE REGISTERED IN TEAM CATEGORY WILL ALSO BE CONSIDERED FOR MEN & WOMEN CATEGORY SEPARATELY BASED ON THEIR GENDER. And cash prize also will be given separately for the individual category depending upon their performance as per the individual category criteria.
  17. For winning the cash prize in the team category the team of 5 members should complete the eligible distance of minimum 5000kms & 150 rides totally (for 5 members). (i.e) every member in the team should complete a minimum distance of 1000kms & 30 rides individually then only your team will be considered for the eligibility list for team cash prize and from that eligibility list the top 1 performing team who are high in distance will get a cash prize. If any member in your team has ridden less than 1000kms & less than 30 rides in these 50 days cyclothon event means your team will not be eligible for cash prize in the team category alone.
  18. It’s an open category team match so that cash prize for the team category is given to only 1 team who are performing high in distance whether they are men(5members) or women(5 members) or Both men & women (5 members).
  19. Participants should not post your ride using MANUAL POSTING OPTION, POSTING SCREENSHOTS, POSTING EDITED PHOTOS in “1ly Fitness app by 100 days fitness india” If you do that means your ride will not be considered for total distance evaluation.
  20. You should NOT post group selfies when the alarm rings during these RIDE DAYS.
  21. Indoor cycling participants are not allowed for our event.
  22. We will verify following thing in your profile daily in “1ly Fitness app by 100 days fitness india” which includes
    1. SELFIE TAKEN USING “1ly fitness app by 100 DAYS FITNESS INDIA”,
    3. DATE & TIME,
    4. Watermark of your photo taken using “1ly Fitness app by 100 days fitness india”
    5. MAP,
    7. POSTING TIME with your corresponding ride.
    8. If we find any malpractice like edited selfies, edited maps, posting screenshots of other participants in your POST means the ride will not be considered for total distance evaluation.
  23. For tracking purposes, registered users should use only mobile phones (ANDROID or IOS). We will not consider tracking data or selfies from any other fitness app, fitness watches, sports watches or any other kind of sports & tracking devices.
  24. Your ride will considered as valid only with the given below things in your post
    • Map generated by “1ly Fitness app by 100 days fitness india”.
    • 2 selfies of your ride by “1ly Fitness app by 100 days fitness india” app.
  25. If your post is Without the Map generated by “1ly Fitness app by 100 days fitness india” & 2 selfies of your ride by “1ly Fitness app by 100 days fitness india” app means your Ride will not be considered for total distance evaluation.

General Terms & Conditions

  1. Only citizens in INDIA WITH INDIAN GOVERNMENT APPROVED NATIONALITY ID PROOF are allowed to participate in our event.
  2. Enter the application with correct data . Once confirmed registrations are non-transferable and cannot be modified.
  3. Provide us with a secure email ID/mobile number that you can access regularly since this will be our primary means of communication during the event.
  4. Don’t enable filtering/blocking of messages / emails from 100days fitness India E-mail address/message service because this is our primary mode of communication.
  5. We will be sending regular updates to the Mobile number you have provided in the registration form. This should not be treated as spam and you shall not take any action against our bulk SMS service provider.
  6. Any notice sent to the email address/mobile number registered with the organizers shall be deemed/considered as received by the competitor.
  7. You are aware & You take full responsibility for participating in 100days fitness India – do not hold the organizing committee or any of its members or entities responsible for any injury or accident.
  8. You agree that 100days fitness India shall not be liable for any loss, damage, illness, or injury that might occur as a result of your participation in the event.
  9. After completing the registration process & payment process we will communicate only through the what’s app & mail.
  10. You confirm that your name and media recordings taken during your participation may be used to publicize the event by the organisers.
  11. You may acknowledge and agree that your personal information can be stored and used by 100 days fitness India and any other company in connection with the organisation, promotion, and administration of the event and for the compilation of statistical information.
  12. You understand that confirmed registration is non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be modified.
  13. Indian citizens who are below the age of 18 aren’t allowed to participate in our event.
  14. Participants must give a correct residential address to receive their completion certificates, and medals, etc.,
  15. We request total co-operation from participants in this event to achieve their fitness goals.
  16. Every participant in the event at his/her own free will.
  17. Every participant in the event has his/her own responsibility and bears full responsibility as to his/her fitness condition and ability to participate.
  18. The Organising Committee of the event carries no responsibility in case of injury, damage, or any other harm that may be caused by participating or spectating the event.
  19. The Organising Committee of the event has the right to change the event’s schedule, the terms and conditions regarding participation and staging of the event, without prior notice, by posting such a decision on the website and all other media of the event.
  20. Participants agree that their fitness records are used for advertisement on the internet. By submitting an entry form, each participant consents to store his/her personal data.
  21. By agreeing to current Terms & Conditions, the participant consents to his/her photos/videos being collected by the event’s organizers. The participant agrees to the use of his/her name, likeness, appearance and photographs, videos. All such commercial rights belong entirely to 100daysfitness India and the participant has no proprietary rights in relation to any film, photograph, or other such recorded media, and doesn’t have any right to claim full or partial compensation for that reason.
  22. The photos and videos of the participants are uploaded on the website & social media of the event, they are visible by the public and remain as such without time limitation.
  23. Registration to 50 days cyclothon event by 100DAYS FITNESS INDIA is possible only through the online registration platform available Only in the official event’s website. No other mode of registrations are available & no registration are accepted other than our official website.
  24. Over ruling or disobeying the above mentioned terms & conditions will result in terminating the participant.
  25. The organisers have the right postpone the event under the unavoidable situation of natural disasters, pandemic situations, lockdowns, SEC-144 rule of the government, & any other unavoidable situations in the country

A registration is considered valid on the condition that:

* After the registration form has been successfully submitted

* The amount of the registration fee has been credited to the organizers’ accounts.

* Changes in confirmed registrations are not possible under any circumstances.

* Cancellations of confirmed registrations are not possible and the amount will not be refunded in any circumstances.

Participants are obliged to read and respect the instructions provided by the Organising Committee of the event, either electronically, or in printed format which have been available on the official website of the event @ www.100daysfitnessindia.co.in